ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA together with International Jury
organize the 3rd International Contemporary Art BIENNALE
“NO standART. endless truth seekers”

1 August /30 August, 2023, Online, worldwide

and invite:
• artists,
• researchers,
• educational and scientific innovators
to join an interdisciplinary program online.


In today’s world, the dominance of technology greatly affects the quality of human life. Undoubtedly, it has many positive aspects, but one does not feel that gradually life somehow becomes narrow and shallow. Technology is often thought of as a necessity to be pursued even when there is something else entirely to be pursued. Thanks to technology, a person often does not feel how simple human feelings and sensitivity are lost, and the human personality is divided. It becomes irrelevant, as does the entirety of its history.

Political power structures take advantage of this to control and demoralize. Although the government wants to appear soft and paternalistic, as if it maintains democratic forms, even periodically announces elections, but in fact it completely controls the person. It becomes endless and patronizing, leaving no possibility for a person to defend himself from that “guardianship”. Human remains alone and powerless against the all-encompassing bureaucracy of the state. Gradually, he loses all motivation, thereby allowing the circle of gentle despotism to close. By losing political control over his destiny, he unconsciously loses his freedom and dignity.

A person may be left with a few choices, but in reality even those choices are not the choices of the citizens themselves. They are choices imposed by an irresponsible paternalistic government. When a person no longer sees meaning in the things of his life, the foundation of moral principles gradually begins to disappear. Then goals are lost. And then the mind becomes an instrument that can be controlled by anyone. There are fears that take over and lead in one direction – to the loss of freedom. A global brain shutdown is underway…

We are in this complex process of history and the task of the artist is to look further and deeper beyond the limits of this inevitable process, into the more subtle connections of life and being, into the essence of deep phenomena and reveal the truth, essential reality and its nature. Artists are the ENDLESS TRUTH SEEKERS…

THE DEADLINE for to send application is the 30th of March.

THE SECOND DEADLINE to send application is 15th of APRIL, 2023

The registration includes the fee.

For more information, rules and conditions please contact:,

We are looking forward to hear from all wonderful artists from all over the world.


With warm wishes