Zita Vilutytė


“We are going through a very exciting, broad and fundamental time of transformation, where everything is changing, from lifestyle to technology. Although it is a time of great opportunities, it is still full of dangers. Now is the moment when we have to make a decision and become responsible for our own lives, and not just for our own, but for our live in general. For thoughts, words, every action and everything we do. To think that changes in the consciousness of all mankind will be easy and fast is a utopia. But those who realize – they must act.

Where is the artist’s place in this period of changes?

Being an artist in today’s world requires a lot of effort. Not only is it the duty of the artist to create an original expression, the artist must also be able to share what has already been created. A constant threat to the artist’s authenticity is commercialism, a consumerist society that can easily defeat the artist’s spiritual growth and blur the boundary between true live art and dead, stagnant art.

I live in a special country that, after the collapse of communism, has transformed itself into an era of extinguishing capitalism, torn by crises, and fierce competition for production and consumption. The old period has left us with a degraded environment and a sclerotic political culture enslaved by prejudices and interests. Nevertheless, this new period offers great opportunities. Everything changes, today becomes history tomorrow, and our time is now. ”

Z. Vilutyte

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