Iryna Calinicenco (Cairyna)


Iryna works in the genre of contemporary art, experimenting with digital art techniques, using New Media and Mix Media to express her inner sensibility and find new meanings in the depiction of ordinary things.

She uses poetry to translate her inner energy onto canvas. She writes poems about love and sex. Her paintings and poetry merge into a kind of abstract mix, blending into each other and blurring the line between abstract poetry and poetic abstraction on canvas.

When creating a painting, Iryna delves deeply into the emotional world and explores how feelings and emotions influence human behaviour, drawing parallels between the mental and physical. By exploring yourself, you learn about the world!

Iryna Calinicenco (Cairyna) was born and studied in Ukraine. But for 12 years he has been living and working in Moldova (Europe).

She has a happy family, two wonderful children. In her free time, Iryna writes poems about love and sex.

Iryna worked for a long time with interior designers and decorators and created custom-made paintings for the interior.

Currently, she is passionate about digital art, computer processing of her photographs and their fragments. As a result of such processing, an unexpected and original result is obtained!

Now Iryna is experimenting with lines. Straight, parallel, intersecting. She is also fascinated by symmetry.

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2007 – Vernadsky Tavrichesky National University
2009 – Charity courses of art “Nadiya” in Kiev (Ukraine).

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