S. Vijayaraghavan


S. Vijayaraghavan was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He attended the advanced studio art program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE (2016) and holds an MFA in painting from the College of Art in New Delhi (2006-08). Hereceived a BFA from the College of Fine Arts, Chennai, in 2001. He was nominated for audience and jury award in the 60-second short film festival organised by the Danish Art Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark. Honorary Diploma in 2nd International Exhibition of Small Format Art, Lebanon. M.F. Hussain Award in Delhi, 1st National Ambedkar Foundation Award –Professional Category, Nagpur.

He has had major exhibitions and participated in various shows and biennials internationally and nationwide. Somenotable exhibitions were held at the Museo Camera-New Delhi, IDKF-36. Stuttgarter Film winter Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Germany, Galerie ESPACE-Alliance Française de Madras, Lionel Wendt Art Gallery-Colombo, 59, Rivoli-Paris, 60 sec Danish Art Foundation-Copenhagen, Gallery 78-Hyderabad, Jawahar Kala Kendra-Jaipur, Lily Agius Gallery-Malta, EX-NEW Contemporary Art Center-Italy, CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts-Glasgow, UK, Casablanca International Video Art Festival-Morocco, BMECP Centre-Brighton-UK, Leyden Gallery-London, UK,GALERIE TOOLBOX-Berlin, Gallery Aferro-NJ, USA, le Dame Art Gallery-London, Miranda Kuo Gallery-NY, USA, LASALLE College of the Arts-Singapore, Comisariados 2019- 12th edition of PROYECTOR-Madrid, Spain, Villa PaolinaBonaparte Museum of Viareggio-Italy, Banff Center Banff-Canada, Gallery International-Baltimore, U.S.A,International Hollfelder Kunstausstellung, Kunst Museum-HollFeld, South Germany, Hammer Museum-Los Angeles,U.S.A, Fugitive video project-Nashville, USA, DIE FABRIKANTEN-Austria, ikono TV-Berlin, Sarai Reader ‘09 curated bythe Raqs Media Collective in collaboration with Devi Art Foundation-Gurugram, India.

He currently lives and works in India. For more information, visit his website: http://vijaysvhavan.wix.com/vijay

Artist Statement:

Vijayaraghavan’s current body of work has evolved as a result of our ecological agony, industrialization, and urbanisation, which have deformed our routine, banal tasks in the social environment. The content of the body of his artwork explores the ever-evolving human condition, delving into ecological constructs and systems and examining how they impact our human behaviour and way of being. Infusing conventional and unconventional mediums has the potential to experiment with a diverse range of techniques. Individual artwork tries to express the way we think, the attempt at imaginative novelties, and the enduring understanding of ecological and social realities to recreate ethics and positively reframe our ideas. How might we forge perspectives and enact practices that build resilience and community across species and spaces, constructing relationships with non-humans that go beyond discourses of pollution, degradation, and destruction? Viewers might feel the underlying truth in today’s context, where they might identify and unravel the nuances in a natural context.

My Artworks