Aina Putnina


Aina Putnina was graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1992 and the Baltic International Academy in 2011 in Riga, Latvia. Since 1994 participates in exhibitions, workshops, plain airs and other projects in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia. Since 1993 Aina Putnina has been employed at the Art School for children and adults, teaching painting and computer graphics.

Artist’s creative interests are painting and digital graphic media, she used expressive abstract and landscape elements, and ornaments for emotional narrative of composition. She combines traditional painting with technology applications, expressive use of color and tonal contrasts often.

Artist’s works are characterized by an emotionally expressive mood to tell subjective stories with the use of colors, lines and shapes. The simple geometric shapes and forms are messages from a long time ago like the witnessing of our creation and abstract thinking processes. This is an interpretation of the nature forms around us, what we use in everyday life for now.

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