Pablo Solari, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 13, 1953, is a renowned artist known for his vibrant and expressive works. His artistic journey has been shaped by his Italian heritage, as he is the son of immigrants from Massarosa, Lucca, Italy. Although he is self-taught, his paintings draw inspiration from the classical Italian masters, infused with a distinctive Latin American style.

Pablo Solari’s art has gained international acclaim. He has participated in various art fairs and exhibitions across the globe. Notably, he was invited by the Tuscany region to exhibit at the International art fair of ExpoLucca in 2014. In 2015, he represented Argentina at Expo Milano.

Solari’s early influences include the Italian Renaissance, Baroque, and Romanticism. His contemporary compositions reflect a fusion of classical techniques and his own unique vision.

In 2023, he was invited by the University of Kiev to participate in the project “Art through Consciousness,” aimed at using art to promote peace and change war doctrines.
His work “Bajo tu manto Madre” is enshrined in the parish of Nuestra Señora de Luján Porteño in Buenos Aires. The painting “Vendimia II” was chosen for the cover of the vinyl and CD releases by the Greek musical group Ciccada.

Solari has been featured in several virtual exhibitions, including The World Paints2 (New York), Concorso Nazionale di Pittura “Dantebus Bazar”, and more. He was named the First Cultural Ambassador by Art International Trustee in Turkey. In 2019, he received recognition for his artistic trajectory from the Comites (Committee of Italians Abroad). Solari has delivered conferences at universities and academies, sharing his passion for art. His art continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, bridging cultures and emotions through color and form.