Ramiro Machaca’s work has been recognized with all the important awards in Bolivia, mainly in drawing and painting, although he has occasionally received recognition for his textile pieces. Has exhibited continuously since 2003 in halls and galleries in South America, United States and Europe.

His drawings and paintings showcase a very refined technique, as demonstrated by his hyperrealistic pieces. It doesn’t stay there, but through its topics he proposes an Andean Surrealism that, unlike other approaches, offers a shocking and often raw representation of the fantasies and myths that originate in the cultural heritage of the Bolivian Plateau.

An important topic exploring his work is identity, and the relationship between the natural world and the construction of identity as a cultural entity. Tradition is often mixed with a surreal proposition to highlight the subtleties of everyday aspects of life. It also touches on universal themes such as the ephemeral and delicate nature of our existence.

In his landscapes he explores light and its interaction with the reflections of the mountains using vivid and warm colors. In his figurative pieces he plays with color to imply and contrast the main form with alternative imaginary representations that have no concrete edge or end, leaving room for the discovery of other themes or ethereal atmospheres.