1-31 January, 2023


The truth of this world exists as a law of nature, as part of an indivisible inner whole, independent of human truth, which changes and transforms and is dependent on many external factors. Any truth is a part of this absolute truth, which creates a certain distance, which forms a view of things from the outside, from a certain moral and spiritual level, and creates conditions for living in a certain time, each time realizing oneself anew.

The search for truth is characteristic of every individual, in which era he lives. Whatever that truth may be, it guides and opens the way for the development process to take place. The human experience in the search for truth becomes more significant, the more this experience shakes the soul and awakens the desire for freedom.

In the context of society, man is always a prisoner. He is bound by his purpose and purpose. He becomes free only when he is in the process of self-realization. Human freedom lives in his self-realization. In order for this to begin, conditions must be created that allow this process to begin, when the individual’s attitudes change the perception of reality with the truth, this process is crowned with the crown of knowledge.

Coronal Mass Ejection, or (CME) – in astronomy,it is an event in which a large cloud of energetic and highly magnetized plasma bursts from the solar corona into space, causing radio magnetic interference on Earth.

When solar flares and coronal mass ejections touch the magnetosphere, Auroras usually occur.